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I'm excited to announce this years advanced rider course. In co-operation with Dave Hay from Bison Motorcycle Safety Consultants we have decided that the date this year is ... Saturday August 3! Dave Hay is a retired RCMP motorcycle instructor, so we're guaranteed to give you a work out. Lunch will be provided. Starts at 10AM til 4PM, bring your own bike, and at least one year riding experience suggested. Contact Dave Hay or myself to sign up! Cost is $200 for the whole event!

We are currently booking for the weekend of August 15th.

Unfortuneately, due to my broken leg, we've decided that the movie night is a bit too much right now, so we're going to postpone it until further notice.

ALSO: Motorcycle Movie Night / barbecue/ party at my house on that same evening, Saturday August 3, starts at 6pm. I'm thinking the movie this year will be "One week". If you have any other suggestions please feel free to suggest away! This is a thank you to all students past, present and future! Dinner, pop, coffee, tea will be provided. BYOB and you are welcome to bring a tent to spend the night. We will also have a breakfast for those staying over. If you are going to stay over, please come earlier in the day to set up. Please text Katrina to rsvp for the BBQ at 250-703-1091

The only rule is that if you bring alcohol to the movie night, you have to bring a tent. There will be breakfast in the morning, so that's worth it all by itself! Call me to sign up for the ADC. You do not have to do one to come to the other!

We're booking for June 20th. If you're ready to jump, call me now, or give me a call when you are ready! If you don't have your learners yet, the study guides and some online practice tests are on the links page, over there on the left side of this page.

We just added two brand new Honda's to the paddock! A 2019 Rebel 300 and a 2018 CB300F. I'll add pictures later, but it's and understatement to say I'm excited to put students on the new bikes! I'll probably add a Yamaha XT250 soon!! I am also selling the 2004 Honda Rebel 250 for 2200. I'll include a free theory session for whoever buys it. It's a great bike, but the rear drum brake gets packed from dust during parking lot use, and squeals, driving the neighbours crazy. Once it starts regular use, the dust will blow out and the squeal should disapear.

We are currently booking for the April 11th class.

I've resisted this to the bitter end, but after the most recent rate increase from ICBC, I'm forced to raise my prices slightly. The price for the MST course is going up to $800 this year (plus GST). It's still the fun filled weekend it always was, and now with even newer equipment!

If you have any questions even if you don't have your learners yet, feel free to call as well.

We ride rain or shine, but ice or snow will cancel.

Don't wait, sign up soon! 250-619-7201
Maximum 5 students riding at any one time.
I provide the motorcycles, insurance, gas, dad jokes, and even a fun weekend! If the weather is nice, my wife does a free barbecue. The course consists of two evenings of theory, two full days riding, and a half day with the bikes at ICBC in Nanaimo. Call now to book. 1-250-619-7201. We are located in South Nanaimo. New riders are welcome to have a parent attend the theory portion at no charge, as well as any previous students who would like a refresher. Even experienced and licensed riders who are sponsoring a new rider are welcome to the theory sessions free of charge. You have to share your stories though...Barbecue is open and free to past, present and future students. Let Katrina know you're coming so she can have a burger in the cooler for you. Text her at 250-703-1091. Make sure you tell her who you are so I don't get that quizzical look from her....you know the one.
Let's git'r done. Riding season is here!
Randy Leonard

THANK you to all of you that came to see me, and especially thank you to all of you that I now consider friends. Please remember that it's OK to be strange. It's not OK to be a stranger. The riding season is now done, and as it gets colder and we're expecting snow, I'm shut down for the winter. After that, it depends on when the weather turns nice again....could be the end of February or into March for the first course of 2018. I'm heading back to my electronics shop for the season, so if you have any non working plasma or LCD TV's, Stereo's or other electronics you're looking to throw out, please call, and I'll come get it from you. See you soon!


Make sure you have your ICBC 6L or 8L first though, or I can't book you. The exam for the learners license is only $15.00 at any ICBC Drivers license offices. You need to have it for 14 days before your MST, so don't delay! (You can take the training course earlier, as long as you have the motorcycle learners)

If you want to read the books first, the links are on my "Links" page on the left. There are a couple of practice tests too.

Randy Leonard



By the way, if you're a past, present or future student, please feel free to stop by the parking lot on Sunday. Weather permitting, we have the barbecue set up most Sundays around 12:30. Please let us know you're coming so we can make sure there are enough hamburgers in the cooler! Text Katrina at 250-703-1091.

One on one road training is $70.00 per hour if you have your own bike, and $100.00 per hour if you want to use one of mine. Maximum is two people, and the minimum time is three hours.

When you make your payment, I will give you coupons good for some very substantial discounts at some of the local motorcycle stores. We all want you to start out with a good set of protective gear! Road rash can seriously ruin your day.

Class sizes are small, up to a maximum of five people per course. We  usually run classroom time on Thursday and Friday evenings, followed by all day Saturday and Sunday on the bikes at Cedar Community Secondary School, and  half a day at ICBC on Tuesday mornings.

If those dates don't work for you, feel free to ask for your own.

Did you know, that since we are an ICBC registered school, the restrictions on your 6L license of daylight hours only, and under 60KPH are removed while learning with us? That means that we can go out after hours to practice, and we can go on the highway during training.

WARNING: Please ensure that any riding school you attend is fully insured and registered with ICBC at

ICBC Driving School List

The main safety course is mainly theory and parking lot practical skills. Occasionally, we make it onto the road for a ride, but since I work with a LOT of people who have never ridden before, we usually take the whole weekend doing basic handling like push steering, and slow speed skills. The road ride is usually done much later when you've had time to practice on your own bike, and it is done one on one to prepare for the road test. We cover everything you need to know in the safety course. The road ride is a "tune up" for the road test.


If you are comparing prices, please ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. My basic course includes a minimum of 25 hours of training, including 17 hours on MY bikes and eight hours of theory. My courses are NEVER more than five students, and are generally around three or four at a time.

We are ICBC registered, bonded, and insured. I recommend that you do the ROAD test on whatever bike you are most comfortable on, and odds are it will be your own, since you will have been riding it for a while. If you don't have your own bike, but have taken the basic training with me, I will rent you one of mine for $150.

We are located in Cedar, just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Serving new riders from Nanaimo, Parksville, Ladysmith, Duncan, Courtenay, Cumberland, Comox, Victoria, Port Alberni, and Campbell River.

Please note that classroom time is done in my home, and that I am a registered golden retriever (dog) breeder. If you have allergies to dogs or cats, unfortunately I may be unable to accommodate you. If you have a fear of animals, they are locked outside while you are here. If you like puppies and dogs, check out my other website at


Cedar Motorcycle Riding School. Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Motorcycle rider basic and ICBC road test preparation

Please call 250-619-7201 to arrange a time.


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