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Cedar Motorcycle Riding School

We provide the motorcycles, insurance, gas, dad jokes, and a fun weekend! The course consists of two evenings of theory (Usually Thursday and Friday 6 - 10PM), two full days of riding (Saturday and Sunday), and the MSA (MST) Sunday afternoon. We are located in South Nanaimo.

Parents and past student can attend the theory portion at no charge. Experienced, licensed riders who are sponsoring a new rider are welcome to the theory sessions free of charge.

Randy Leonard

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Traffic courses still available!
I put insurance on our own bikes yesterday which means we are still available for traffic courses. No bike rentals though for the traffic course/road test, insurance has expired on the student bikes.
Alas, another year is done. See you in 2023!
I want to say a great big thank you for all of you that joined the family this year (and years past). Alas, the season is done for this year, and we'll be back in March 2023. Don't forget, the kettle is always on, and you're always welcome to stop by, riding or not!
Last course of the year October 6
One last chance to get your mst this year on October 6th weekend. Call now to sign up .
We have one spot left for July 14th, 7 for July 21, and 8 for August 11. August 26 is wide open. After that, September is to be determined.
We have one spot left for July 14th, 7 for July 21, and 8 for August 11. August 26 is wide open. After that, September is to be determined.
ICBC is now allowing standby road tests
ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET YOUR ROAD TEST DONE....SORT OF, IF YOU ARE FLEXIBLE. ICBC reintroducing standby road tests – June 20 ICBC is reintroducing standby road tests at ICBC driver licensing offices (DLOs) and Road Test Claim Centres (RTCCs) from Monday to Friday. Customers without an appointment will have the opportunity to take a standby road test as determined by a random draw system. To participate in the random draw customers must be in line during the times below: · Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - no earlier that 8 a.m. and no later than 8:30 a.m. · Wednesday - no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and no later than 9 a.m. How the random draw for standby road tests will work: To be eligible for the random draw the customer must: · Arrive at the office during the allocated time and line up in the designated area. · Remain present and cannot have someone hold their spot. · Have the vehicle they are driving at the location. When the office opens for the day, the random draw will take place. Customers will be randomly selected for the number of available spots, then put on the standby list in the order drawn. More details can be found at Book a road test - ICBC official. Also, you can call our driver licensing contact centre with any questions you may have.

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A bit about our instructor


Randy has been a professional driver for over thirty years, and a riding instructor for thirteen. He started out teaching for Ziggy's driving Academy, and registered Cedar Motorcycle Riding School when Ziggy announced his retirement twelve years ago. Randy has traveled over 500,000 MILES since learning to ride as a teen, including some very long trips through the western states and Canada. He has the experience to help you deal with the many dangers you will encounter on the road.


  • When you're wrestling bears, wrestle the little ones first
  • I'm all about that clutch, 'bout that clutch, not the throttle...(to the tune of Meghan Trainor's "I'm all about that base"
  • You have your entire riding career to learn how to ride fast. Don't make it a short one!
  • You go where you look, so look where you want to go.
  • Look where you want to go, not where you think you're gonna go. Where do I want to be in ten seconds. THAT'S where your eyes are focused....ALWAYS!
  • If you think you're gonna hit the tree, looking at the tree just signs the contract.
  • Experience builds skill, which builds confidence.
  • There is no emergency worth crashing over.
  • Chase skill, not speed. Speed will come with skill. Speed without skills is dangerous.
  • Know safety, no pain. No safety, know pain.
  • Those cones really ARE pretty. Try not to stare.
  • If I sees it, I hits it!
  • OH LOOK!! A BIRD! ~^~
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