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Eight hours of class time over two four hour sessions. We believe that the classroom component is as, or more important than the actual riding, as you will learn what to watch for, where the majority of crashes are caused, how to avoid them, how to do very basic maintenance on your bike, the basic theories of how a motorcycle does what it does and why. Previous students are always welcome to attend the classroom theory if they would like a refresher, at no charge.

Parking lot

15 hours learning proper operation of the motorcycle controls. Practice for the ICBC Motorcycle skills test. If we feel confident in your skill levels, the last few hours can be replaced with a road ride.

How are we different?

Cedar Motorcycle Riding School's philosophy is a little different than other schools. I teach a technique which will allow you to control a larger bike at VERY low speeds. I will teach you to control your clutch, brakes and throttle simultaneously. Something other schools don't do, simply because it can be hard on the bike. I replace clutches and other parts fairly regularly because we spend eight hours in the parking lot, as opposed to the few minutes you might spend in real life. There's nothing more embarrassing than watching someone who can't handle their bike at low speed.

MST(included in the MST preparation course)

The motorcycle skills test is often referred to as "the parking lot test" or "the cone test". It is an ICBC step to allow you to ride unsupervised, and over 60KPH while training. Use our motorcycle to complete the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test at ICBC here in Nanaimo. (Metral Drive)

Road Test (After the MST, but not included in the MST course)

Come out with us for a few hours to prepare for the ICBC road test, and then use our bike or yours. Our bike to bike intercoms make it easy to correct your mistakes as you make them.

Bike Rentals

Sorry, we only loan bikes out to people who have taken previous training with us. If you have your own bike we are happy to provide one on one sessions to prepare for the road test. All one-on-one lessons are charged a minimum three hours. 

About the instructor.

Randy has been a professional driver for over thirty years, and a riding instructor for seven. He started out teaching for Ziggy's driving Academy, and registered Cedar Motorcycle Riding School when Ziggy announced his retirement five years ago. Randy has traveled over 300,000 MILES since learning to ride as a teen, including some very long trips through the western states and Canada. He has the experience to help you deal with the many dangers you will encounter on the road.

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