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The Bikes

A big advantage of training with us is the variety of different styles of bikes we train on. You will be encouraged to trade off and try all the  bikes. It amazes me how often people come in with one style of bike in mind, only to realize that it doesn't work for them.

2017 Honda Grom 125 - Recent, but WOW is it popular! It's the smallest bike you can do an MST on.

2017 Honda CRF 250L Rally. This one is too tall for most people, but I have on occasion had someone too tall for the smaller bikes. This one will fill that "gap"

2012 and 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250

It's a smooth and powerful sport bike. What else can I say? Oh, and it's RED!

2012 Honda CBR 250

The CBR is a Sport style bike which is actually very easy to ride, and powerful on the highway. I must say it's an impressive little motorcycle.

2019 Rebel 300

The Rebel is a larger Cruiser style bike which is great for larger learners.

2000 Honda Rebel 250

The Rebel is small Cruiser style. Ideal for shorter or smaller people.

2018 CB300F

The CB is a sport style Honda, almost identical to the CBR, but a little more pep.

2002 Kawasaki Eliminator 125

Tiny, but awesome at the same time!

2004 BMW K1200GT

My “chase bike”. Sorry, no-one drops (rides) that one but me.

Bluetooth Communications:

Bluetooth communications allow bike to bike communications. You get to lead, while I coach from behind.

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