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MST Safety Course, includes bikes and MSA (MST)

$ 900.00 +gst
In this 4 day course we will provide you with classroom theory and practical sessions to learn the skills required become a life long rider and to pass MST (MSA) test at the end of the final session. You MUST have your ICBC learners license to attend.

Session 1 - Theory 1
Why cars don't see us, and "It's all about that clutch" Why safety gear is important, How and why car drivers don't see motorcycles, strategies to make yourself more visible, and ways to recognize when they don't see you. Learn about how the clutch, throttle and brakes work on a motorcycle.

Session 2 - Theory 2
tires, Push steering, stuff you don't notice in a car, but you better on a bike

Session 3 - Range day 1
Riding day. Bring your helmet, boots, full coverage clothing. Topics include: The bike, the clutch, the throttle. Rear brake. Look where you want to go.

Session 4 - Range day 2
Make some noise. Front brake. Front and rear braking. Shifting. Emergency braking and swerving, Practice time, and MST (MSA) at the end of the day.

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