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Cedar Motorcycle Riding School's philosophy is a little different than other schools. I teach a technique which will allow you to control a larger bike at VERY low speeds. I will teach you to control your clutch, brakes and throttle simultaneously. Something other schools don't do, simply because it can be hard on the bike. I replace clutches and other parts fairly regularly because we spend eight hours in the parking lot, as opposed to the few minutes you might spend in real life. There's nothing more embarrassing than watching someone who can't handle their bike at low speed.

MST Safety Course, includes bikes and MSA (MST)


In this 4 day course we will provide you with classroom theory and practical sessions to learn the skills required become a life long rider and to pass MST (MSA) test at the end of the final session.

Traffic Course - Bring your own bike


Three hour of traffic using your own bike, but call it four by the time we stopped for coffee. If you need a bike, and you've taken the MSA with me, I'll rent you a bike for the traffic and the road t

Traffic with motorcycle rental for the road test


I suggest you have your own bike and have been riding it long enough to be comfortable before you do the traffic course with me, but if you don't have a bike before your road test, I will provide the

Theory only


If you already have the skills, and only want to attend the safety theory, this is the course for you. No riding, just classroom time and no MST at the end.

Experienced Rider Skills


We run this occasionally in conjunction with Bison Motorcycle Safety Consultants. This one day course is meant for already licensed riders who want to practice their skills, or who may be a little rus

Cornering Course Sunday 3 July, 2022


ONLY LICENSED RIDERS! Spend a day on the track practicing your cornering skills on a track. Email Jamie at info@tractionwerks.com or visit https://www.tractionwerks.com/

MST SAFETY COURSE W, R,F,S June 29, 30, July 1, 2


This course is identical to the normal MST safety course, but we're moving the theory to Wednesday June 29th, and Thursday June 30th, and the riding to Friday July 1 and Saturday July 2.

ICBC registered motorcycle training, ICBC Bike license, Nanaimo BC class 6 MST and Road test preparation courses