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Traffic with motorcycle rental for the road test

$ 450.00 +gst
Bike rental is not available in Victoria or Courtenay. I suggest you have your own bike and have been riding it long enough to be comfortable before you do the traffic course with me, but if you don't have a bike before your road test, I will provide the bike as long as you are a previous student, and you attend the traffic course as well. Basically, the rental for the bike during the traffic and during your road test is 150.00 inclusive, plus the cost of the traffic course. If you have your own bike, sign up for the traffic instead.

Session 1 - Traffic safety / ICBC road test prep
Maximum two students, using Bluetooth communication. We'll put Bluetooth in your helmet, so please bring a full faced helmet. Starting in the Cedar area of Nanaimo, we'll work our way north to the Nanaimo ICBC road test area where I can point out the tricky spots that people often make mistakes, like, for example, running a red light.

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