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School Policies

The motorcycle MST safety course fee is $850.00 and is based on a series of exercises which must be performed successfully and progressively before proceeding to the next. We do not guarantee that you will acquire all the skills necessary in the time allotted. You will be held responsible for any accident damage you cause beyond normal wear and tear.

The MST preparation course consists of:

Two four hour classroom sessions followed by 15 hours of practical teaching time. Any teaching time beyond the 15 hours of practical training will be billed at a rate of $70.00 per hour. Practical training is normally conducted over two full consecutive days, plus some practice time before the ICBC MST exam. This can be broken up into smaller blocks at the discretion and agreement of both the instructor and the student. There may be up to five students in each course. In the event of insufficient student numbers, Cedar Motorcycle riding school reserves the right to postpone any course at any time.

There will be an additional fee of $100.00 for MST retests, or if you miss an agreed MST day.

No shows after one hour, or cancellations will not be rescheduled, except by mutual agreement. Once classes are riding, you will no longer be permitted to join.

The fee for using a school motorcycle for the traffic course is an additional $200, and includes delivering the bike to ICBC in Nanaimo for your road test if you do not own your own. This service is at the discretion of Cedar Motorcycle Riding School, and may be cancelled if in our opinion, you are not ready.

Fees are due before the start of classroom training. There will be no refunds once fees are paid.

Stay Alive Guide
  • See, Predict, Prevent. It’s up to you to prevent their accident.
  • Never Ride Beside any other vehicle. The cardinal rule. Don’t forget the car two lanes over.
  • Lane positions – stay where you can see and be seen. Don’t follow too close. You’re hiding.
  • Stopping in traffic Stop to the edge of your lane where you can see the outside mirror of the vehicle ahead. Always consider your escape route. Watch your mirrors.
  • Oncoming traffic for Left Turns - (73%) - Wiggle your headlight. Oncoming cars only see one headlight, which gives no perspective as per speed or position. Your one little headlight disappears into a sea of headlights behind you as seen from the front. Add lights to your bike.
  • Scan ALL intersections! (See, Predict, Prevent)
  • Slow down a little before you cross.
  • The human brain ignores small objects like motorcycles. Slow down, be prepared to react, because they really don’t see you.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible, but ride like you’re not.
  • You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you!
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