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[FAQ] Frequently asked questions

What kind of bike should I buy after the course?

Well, that depends. I would discourage you from buying new, as you are LIKELY to drop it in the first year. It's almost a right of passage. Also, keep it small. While you may think you don't want to "out grow" it, you need time to grow INTO a larger bike. I find that 300cc bikes are MORE than capable of highway and even freeway speeds, even if they take a moment longer to get there. If your first bike is too powerful or too heavy, you will always be nervous of it, and won't feel comfortable using it to it's capabilities. You'll learn a lot more on a smaller bike that is less intimidating. It's a lot more fun to ride a small bike fast, than a fast bike slow.

When is payment due?

$450.00 non refundable payment is due on registration, remainder of the fees ($495) are due 48 hours prior to first day of class. If payment is not received 48 hours before course start, your spot will be forfeit and will be open to the next person on the wait list. Our training schedule is very flexible, but you must show up at the agreed upon times and dates, end even that can be discussed based on valid reasons for change, and given time and interest to find a substitute student. The email for payments is admin@cedarmotorcycle.com

Do you do the MST (MSA) (Motorcycle Skills Assessment)

Yes, but only as part of the MST basic safety course. You MUST take the full course for us to test you. ICBC calls it the MST, but when we do the same test but it's called an assessment instead of a test. (ICBC's rules) It's the SAME TEST, so don't be fooled when another school says you won't have to do the test if you take THEIR course. If you have the required competencies we will give you the paperwork to have ICBC remove the supervisor and speed restrictions from your learners license.

How long is your waiting list?

We now have four instructors and three examiners, so we don't expect our wait list to extend more than a couple of weeks. If you're excited to get riding instead of waiting for an MST appointment at ICBC, call and we can probably get you out riding sooner than most, especially as the riding season gets busier and busier. BTW, taking our course eliminates the waiting period on your learners license to do the MST. You can write today and test tomorrow for example, ignoring the not before dates on your learners.

Do you rent motorcycles for the road test or MST

If you have taken both courses with us, but still don't have a bike, we will only rent a bike to our students who have taken both the MST safety course and the traffic with us.

How many people are in a class?

We can accommodate up to ten students per range day with two instructors. Class time is usually better if there are multiple students, as the time is more entertaining and you have more brains adding to the discussion.

What equipment do I need to have?

When you register, we provide discount coupons to several island retailers good for up to 15% off, to help you buy gear. You will need sturdy gloves, a sturdy jacket and pants, hiking, work, or riding boots, and a DOT full face helmet. You MUST have a valid Class 6 (motorcycle) learners license, issued from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,(ICBC) before you can ride. You are welcome to attend the classroom portion of the course before writing your ICBC test. Please be aware that you must have held your ICBC learners permit for 14 days prior to turning in your paperwork to ICBC, but you can take the course before that.

Does CedarMotorcycle provide any equipment?

Officially, we provide the bikes, high-visibility vests and communications equipment only......however, if you don't have anything, ask on the first night of class. We may be able to help. We have some riding gear available, but it’s not officially provided. I have lots, but for me to guarantee fit, I would have to own a whole store. If I have it, I will likely loan it to you. Once you're paid and registered, I will provide you with coupons which will save you up to 15% on riding gear at some of the larger motorcycle equipment stores here on the island.

Am I guaranteed to pass the MST or the Class 6 road test?

NOBODY can guarantee that. I can only show you what you need to know. Not everyone has the skills to safely operate a motorcycle, and while I want everyone to become a rider, I would be remiss if I wasn't honest with you if I feel you're dangerous to yourself or others.

Should I buy a new bike?

Well, that depends. I suggest that your first bike should not be one that will make you cry if.....when....you drop it. It's not something people want to happen, and some rarely admit, but as a new rider, the odds of accidentally spiking the front brake in a low speed turn, or putting your foot down on a slippery surface, etc are a lot higher. I suggest buying a bike that you can abuse a little, then upgrade in a year or so.

Should I buy a motorcycle before I take the course?

If it's a super duper deal, sure, but you might want to wait til after you've taken the course. I have many different types of motorcycles, and it amazes me how many people come into the course with one preconception of what type of bike they want to ride, and leave with a completely different perspective. Things like body type and shape can make one bike really comfortable, and another that actually looks similar torture to ride. My suggestion: Wait.

Is it difficult to ride a motorcycle?

No. And Yes. There are many differences between riding a motorcycle and driving a car. A collision that would be a minor inconvenience in a car, will likely lead to injury on a motorcycle, so you need to be a defensive driver. If you have a difficult time paying attention in a car, balance issues, like to speed excessively, or have difficulty juggling many things at once, you should not be on a motorcycle. You simply can not afford to be off your game when you are not inside a rolling cage (Car). I often hear, I've been a class one driver for X number of years, or I've been riding dirt since i was a kid, I've been licensed in India, china, or take your pick etc....It's a completely different animal on a street motorcycle. People often don't see tractor trailers. Can you imagine how often they say I didn't see him when people cut off a motorcycle? We will teach you how to stay safe.

Is rider training useful?

ABSOLUTELY!! Learning the proper skills, and knowing where the dangers are is a very important first step to having a long and enjoyable love affair with the open road. Statistically, riders who take training are significantly safer on the road.

Do you teach Class 5 (Car)?

We tried it for a short while, but there was not enough interest. There are already many many car driving schools in Nanaimo. However, we can take you on a test ride if you need a refresher. Normal fees will apply.

Do you repair motorcycles?

No. We repair our own, and ex students often use my shop to work on their own under my supervision but it's not what we do. If you want to use my equipment and tools, generally, you do the work, and I look over your shoulder telling you what to do....the expression is "I work for beer", even though I don't drink generally.
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