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Cedar Motorcycle Riding School


July and August courses

There is still space in the courses starting July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15th. There will be lots more after that as well, so don't hesitate to call and enroll. You do need your learners license first though.

Gold River Weekend for a time distance rally all weekend June 27 - 30 2024

If you have some off road experience and you're looking for a weekend of adventure, come join us in Gold river for the GR400 time distance rally. It's mostly on logging roads, some challenging riding and a LOT of dust and gravel. We are the sponsors of this rally, so we won't be running a course on June 27th weekend. You can find more information about the rally and even sign up at : Sign up: https://www.gr200.com/ Event itinerary: https://www.gr200.com/post/goldriver400-event-schedule You can sign up for the course by leaving me your name, age, phone number and email at randy@cedarmotorycle.com, and then sending the 450 non refundable registration fee to admin@cedarmotorcycle.com. Right now, there are five spaces available for July 4th course, and the July 18th has space as well. Let me know what your preference is in the email, and I'll get back to you in the evening if I have cell service, or Wednesday July 3 if I don't.

NEW SALE PRICE FOR JULY! 825 for MST Safety course.

When you call, ask about the 75.00 discount. YES, that means that for the month of July the MST safety course sells for 825 instead of 900! If you sign up in July for July, August, September OR October 2024, you get the course for 825. Don't hesitate to call and book. You do still need your ICBC issued motorcycle learners permit first.

course scedules.

The MST safety course runs Thursday and Friday evening 6-10PM, and Saturday and Sunday are 9-5PM....sometimes we vary the time we start to accommodate cold mornings or hot afternoons. The email for payments is now admin@cedarmotorcycle.com but general inquiries are randy@cedarmotorcycle.com

Christmas gift certificates

We're going to have to raise the rates from 850 to 900 next year to accommodate extra costs....Hey, we haven't raised our rates in four years....anyway, if you want to take advantage of this years rates, maybe consider buying yourself or your loved one a gift certificate for next year. You MUST have an ICBC issued learners permit before the course, and it's non refundable, but if you're sure you are coming next year, then why not? 250-619-7201

closed for two weeks

We're heading out riding from September 5th, to September 19th. Where, we do not know, but we will be on our bikes - Randy on the KTM 890, and Katrina on her Triumph Tiger 800 reminding ourselves why we love what we do! If you want to join us for the last couple of MST safety courses of 2023, email me at randy@cedarmotorcycle.com, or call me at 250-619-7201. Having no idea where we're going (South), we may or not have service, but leave a message and I'll get back to you asap. We still have lots of room, so don't hesitate to call.

Last courses of 2023

The season is winding down but we have MST safety courses Thursday September 21st, and September 28th. We may run into October, but that depends on weather and the phone ringing. Call me if you want to book one of those weekends. Also, we are ready to try a traffic course in COURTENAY!! It's going to be on a Tuesday or Wednesday if you're interested at first, expanding to Saturday and Sundays later. Give us a call if you want to be the first guinea pig.... 250-619-7201 Randy Leonard www.cedarmotorcycle.com

Contact times

If you're trying to call, I won't answer when I'm teaching Thursday evening, Friday evening or Saturday or Sunday during the day. I'm also pretty exhausted Saturday and Sunday evening, so either leave a message, and I'll get back to you Monday, OR drop me an email....randy@cedarmotorcycle.com. Same though, I'll get back to you when I can. Usually, that's Monday or Tuesday.

Nanaimo Traffic Courses

We now have traffic courses in Nanaimo on WEEKENDS!! Our new instructor Kelly is well versed in Nanaimo's specific difficulties. We also have courses available in Victoria by request.

Traffic courses in VICTORIA

We're excited to welcome our newest instructor Jamie. He's very familiar with the Victoria area, and a very experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle instructor. We provide the Bluetooth communications and coach you as you ride. Many of you may already know Kelly, who's been doing traffic in Nanaimo for a while now. If you're planning to do the road test in Victoria, this three hour ride with Jamie , or the three hours in Nanaimo with Kelly, Randy or Katrina , or Courtenay with Katrina, (plus a coffee stop) will help you immensely not to make obvious mistakes. As they say, ICBC will never "trick" you, but they do take you to some tricky spots that if you're not familiar could cause some confusion.
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